"The Green Pearl"

the green pearl is the showcase farm of Regrowth, located 5 km outside Teramo on the southern slope of the Collurania hills. The company's land has been abandoned for several decades without any care and this is precisely the main reason behind our choice. “La Perla” is conceived as an example of the potential that resides in the territory despite the difficulties and abandonment. To counter a series of hydro-geological risks and further soil deterioration, the company applies ad-hoc management protocols. These protocols consist in the use of plants, trees and shrubs to create a synergistic effect of stabilization of the soil, combining them with open spaces for the development of rational grazing. The divided pasture is capable of supporting a production of different animal niches which include selective herbivores (sheep / goats), non-selective herbivores (cattle / horses) and partial herbivores (chickens and pigs). The first tests of this management have had particularly encouraging results and have been published in various scientific conferences (Biodiversity and EAAP). Finally, the regenerative management of the pasture is aimed at increasing the organic substance of the soil, the biomass produced during the year and the enhancement of microbial biodiversity in the soil. All these processes have the important effect of increasing the metabolism of biological processes that favor the uptake of CO2 and its storage in organic form in the soil in quantities of 35-45 / ton / year. Research into the efficiency and capacity of these processes is currently being completed, with the first results arriving by the end of 2023.

The pearl is also our test and experimentation ground for the research and development of PLF technologies. Animal breeding is predominantly intended for data collection, field tests and resistance tests of the systems. From the spring of 2023, an increase in this activity is expected by integrating small ruminants and pigs in the continuous experimentation of L.E.A.F.