Our PLF solution:

PLF is the acronym of  precision livestock technologies. Their primary role is to provide information individually about the farmed animals, thus reducing the margin of human error in the management of the group. These technologies usually come in the form of sensors applied on the animals themselves or in the barn and which collect continuous information about the physiological state, process the collected data and send it to the farmer in a format that is easy to understand and interpret. This process requires the use of various advanced technologies such as accelerometers, communication units, data processing algorithms and artificial intelligence. The complexity of the PLF products currently available is unfortunately reflected in their price, making them find little applicability in the most common scenarios. Furthermore, the enormous amount of data requires a rather robust internet connection in addition to the presence of important infrastructures in the company.

Precisely for this reason, these technologies are often beyond the reach of the majority of large farms and small businesses. In today's world, dominated by aggressive competition, this means often that the weakest actors are left even further behind the industrial production of intensive livestock farming. Regrowth aims to solve this disadvantage by developing a small range of products that are independent in the field and affordable for everyone. Our systems use a particular approach consisting of the targeted application of 3D printing processes, the use of recognition systems already on the market and extensive use of modular electronic units. Thanks to these tools, the products of the L.E.A.F range tested in the field have been able to operate in the most remote environments and with very small production units. One of our particular strengths is the versatility of the systems, capable of being adapted to different species, from grazing chickens to breeding pigs in the wild. Another innovative function that Regrowth has added to support the animal's PLF management functionality is the communication role played by the L.E.A.F. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with the data collected daily from animals, it is possible to conduct an analysis of the quality and sustainability of production. This information can be transmitted to customers, suppliers and final consumers, enhancing even more the activity and commitment carried out by the farmer. Other key players in the sector such as professional bodies, veterinarians and consortia can thus have a precious resource to guarantee the quality, well-being and health of production. We believe that this represents a key aspect to encourage the transition to regenerative, sustainable and high-quality production, as well as the only effective alternative to industrial production on the modern market.